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Baker Plumbing & Renovations offers trustworthy boiler services in Duncan. Whether you want assistance with a boiler breakdown or you are looking for a new boiler installation service, the experienced technicians are on hand to help you. You can depend on our services if your boiler needs replacement and heating issues such as radiant hot water heating or in-floor heating.


Our company has more than 3 decades of experience in installing, servicing, and replacing boilers. If your boiler is not working the way it should, we have the experience to detect the issue and make the essential repairs so that your boiler is running properly as quickly as possible. Contact us today for free estimates or a consultation.


Are you planning to replace your residential boiler? If yes, below are a few things that you should consider before making a purchase:

 Efficiency vs Lifespan

You should choose an energy-efficient boiler as it would save your lot of money in the end and produce no waste. However, boiler life expectancy depends  upon the type of boiler that you purchased.

 Make and Model

Different boiler models have different levels of energy efficiency that can have a great impact on your energy bills.


The size of your house has a direct relation to whether a conventional or a combi boiler would be suitable .  Small boilers may not be suitable for larger homes and large boilers may not be suitable for smaller homes.

 Gas or Electric Boiler

There are some very important considerations to make when installation either gas or electric boiler. However, gas boilers need to be serviced regularly and electric boilers are expensive to run.

 Boiler Installation Team

Your boiler installation should be conducted by a certified technician. Hiring an amateur to replace your boiler could have costly consequences.


Baker Plumbing & Renovations has gas ticked technicians that have many years of experience with installing  boilers for residential and commercial clients in Duncan and surrounding areas. From gas to electric boilers, our well-trained technicians can install them for competitive prices. Boilers are also known as hydronic heat systems and can run on oil, electricity, gas, and other alternative fuels such as wood pellets.

Why Boiler Is a Better Option?

A boiler and a furnace are similar in that they both can heat your home but are different in how they produce warmth. A furnace uses air and a boiler uses water to distribute heat. Normally, furnaces use warm air that creates a drafty atmosphere because there is air blowing all around. The air movement is great in the summer with cooling but is uncomfortable for heating. Convention or radiant heat such as cast iron radiators or baseboards will provide steady heat with good temperature consistency and radiant piping in floors will provide warmth from the floor up. 


We specialize in the installation of Navien® condensing combi-boilers that can be used for a host of applications such as radiant floor heating, fan coils, radiators, air handlers, and more. Our professionals also install and service Vesma boilers. Below are some of the important features of Navien® combi-boilers:

High flow rates
Optional NaviLink™ Wi-Fi control system
Stainless steel heat exchanger
High turndown ratios up to 11:1
Multiple venting options
Low noise levels


Does your boiler need repairs? If you need repairs or maintenance service in Duncan, call us today.

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