Get an Excavation… Keep Your Landscape. Our Duncan Excavator Makes it Happen!

When hearing their plumbing project requires an “excavation” many homeowners start to perspire and begin worrying about what it will do to their landscaped areas. We’re one step ahead of you. Following your water/sewer line installation, perimeter drain work, or new sprinkler system installation, our dump truck operator can haul in any landscaping materials you may need to get your landscape looking great as quickly as possible. Simply ask about our landscape material delivery service when speaking with our Duncan excavator about your project. 

Baker Plumbing & Renovations has two sizes of excavators so we can cause as little disruption to property as possible. Our excavation services include:

  • Perimeter drains (install or redo)
  • Domestic water and sewer line installations
  • Below-road water and sewer lines
  • Landscape material deliveries
  • Sprinkler system installations
  • New construction prep work
  • Footing site prep work for buildings

Call an Experienced Duncan Excavator Operator for Your Plumbing Project
Bring the more-than 30 years of experience of Baker Plumbing & Renovations to your project — call us today! And, be sure to ask about our landscape material delivery service during your call to ensure uninterrupted curb appeal for your home’s landscape.

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